What Is Dri Fit Material? What Does Dri-Fit Mean?

What Is Dri Fit Material? What Does Dri-Fit Mean?

Dri-Fit fabric has moisture-wicking and body-mapping properties that suck the sweat from the skin and allow the moisture to evaporate on the outside of the fabric. Nike, Inc. invented Dri-Fit as the next generation in moisture-wicking fabric. This material contains polyester microfibers and antibacterial agents that prevent odors.

Dri-Fit’s unique high-performance microfibre construction supports the body’s natural cooling system by wicking away sweat and dispersing it across the fabric’s surface to evaporate faster. Dri-Fit clothes are most effective as a base layer or on their own—direct contact with your body means you stay drier.

Dri-Fit clothes also include something called “body mapping.” This means that the garments will contain mesh panels in key places to promote airflow.

Does this mean you can wear Dri-Fit in the summer? Absolutely! This material should keep you comfortable in pretty much any weather.

The mesh panels provide breathability. The lightweight microfiber does its fantastic wicking thing to keep you dry. And finally, the material also blocks UV rays, giving you extra protection from the summer sun!